Dark Blue

Dark Blue

An exploration of the lives of musicians and artists, and the way they have dealt with health, trauma and other issues. Hosted by Geoffrey Rickly, the lead singer from Thursday.

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    Episode 5: Dave Sherman, Road to Rehab

    Dave Sherman, founder of the Road to Rehab, has helped many of your favorite musicians to get clean(patient confidentiality prevents us from naming them), deal with anxiety & depression, and focus on their art with new clarity and focus— at home and on tour.

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    Episode 4: Norman Brannon & Steve Pedulla

    Norman Brannon and Steve Pedulla have both played in iconic and influential guitar based bands over the last 30 years (Brannon with Texas is the Reason, Pedulla with Thursday).

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    Episode 3: Pictureplane

    On this episode, we talk to Travis Egedy, better known by his stage name Pictureplane, about his life in the DIY music community, the demonization of artists, the potential of psychedelics and the tragic loss of musician, Lil Peep.

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    Episode 2: Chris Conley of Saves the Day

    On this episode, we talk to Chris Conley, of the band Saves the Day, about meditation, the Tao, the psychedelic effects of near death experiences and navigating the dark night of the soul.

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